Our Fleet of Vehicles
Salado Fire & Rescue Vehicles

Rescue 2----1992 International, Equipped with ALS equipment, Amkus extrication equipment including cutters, spreaders, & two rams.  Swift water and Hazmat Equipment.  Generator run Scene Lights

Engine 1--1994 Freightliner, E-ONE Pumper, Equipped with 1200 GPM Pump, 750 Gallon tank, Amkus Multi-tool Extrication Tool, 4 SCBA, 2-200ft preconnects and 1-100ft bumper preconnect, Deck Gun,  Positive Pressure Vent Fan.  Generator run Scene Lights
Tanker 1----1999 Freightliner    2350 Gallon Capacity Tanker, 1200 GPM pump, 3 SCBA, 3000 Gallon Portable Tank and Portable Floating Pump.
Booster's 5/6---The Twins----2 1999 Ford F-550's 4x4's   500 gallon tanks  2-preconnected red lines & 1 150ft reeled red line.
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Command - 2
Rescue 1 / Brush Truck 250 gallon tank 4X4  Carries ALS & BLS equipment along with a Amkus power unit and Combi tool.
Booster 8
Booster 7 Brush Truck 250 gallon tank 4X4
Tanker 2 4000 gallon tank 
Brush 2